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RECAP: The Young Stracke All-Stars at Seeger Songs for Kids

Photo by Bill Brickey
Photo by Bill Brickey

“And when these fingers can strum no longer, hand the old banjo to young ones stronger” – Quite Early Morning by Pete Seeger

I was so proud to have the Young Stracke All-Stars present their music as part of yesterday’s Seeger Songs for Kids show at the Old Town School of Folk Music on May 4, 2014.

Huge thank you to all the performers who created such beautiful music for us to listen to and who were so generous with the tight space on the stage. We felt very welcome, and we are thankful for your support.

Pete was very much on my mind throughout the performance. We’re trying to do your work, Pete. Thanks for leading us to such strength.


REPOST: Frank Hamilton Talks to the Young People of the Old Town School of Folk Music

A few years ago I wrote a note to Frank Hamilton, who I barely knew and said, “Hi. You don’t know so much about me, but I’m super-inspired by your work. Can I come sleep on your floor and ask you a bunch of questions?”

I was so honored that he, and this wife Mary gave me an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Over the years Frank and Mary have become good friends, and they’ve continued to be mentors and champions of me and my work.

It makes me feel a little awkward in parts, but I am still so proud of this video that we made on their front porch. It’s message rings truer and truer to me every day. I hope you enjoy it.

And, I hope you’ll come out to the Old Town School of Folk Music tonight to sing and play with me, Mary, Frank, the Young Stracke All-Stars, and so many wonderful musicians and friends from the Old Town School of Folk Music. We’ll be celebrating a mentor to us all, Pete Seeger.