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Easy Access to Music: Record Players and B.B. King

My B.B. King Records in my ClassroomI took some of my 4-year-old guitar students to the Resource Center at the Old Town School of Folk Music today to play some of my B.B. King records. For one of them it was a first time using a record player.

We had so much fun and it strengthen my idea that playing records was an important early musical experience for me. It was delightful to see my students marvel at the record jackets and see how carefully these “wild little boys” could set the record on the player and then put the records away at the end.

My earliest musical memory was my Fischer-Price record player. My favorite records were Winnie the Pooh and Pete’s Dragon. I also had the single to Man Eater by Hall & Oats. Looking back, I think it was incredible that my folks bought me my own record player and that I had easy access to music whenever I wanted it from such an early age. I believe that the “easy access to music” idea is something that I have carried into my adult life.