Group Instruction

Instant Music: Harmonica for the Young Musician
It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but the harmonica is a whole world of sound and song. Within minutes, students will find musical success as they explore melody, harmony and rhythm with this simple, but complex instrument. Along the way students learn infectious tunes, revel in composing their own music, and discover the history of great composers and musicians as diverse as Ludwig van Beethoven and blues harmonica legend Sonny Terry. Students will leave with a few songs in their pocket, and a songbook for further exploration.
No experience on any instrument necessary. Please come to class with a harmonica in the key of C. Harmonicas will be available for purchase before the class for $10.
Children ages 7 to 11. Also available as a parent/child class.

Build a Jug Band
Jug band music, with it’s mixture of traditional and home-made instruments, in an ideal place for young people to have an immersive experience with music. In this workshop, students will build or play on instruments such as the bucket bass, the musical spoons, the canjo (a single string tin-can banjo), plus jugs and kazoos. Add to that some raucous songs in a sing-a-long manner, and students will leave ready to get the party rollin!
First through Sixth Grade. Materials will be supplied. Also available as a parent/child class.

Songwriting and Stories
In this interactive workshop, Jason guides students through the process of creating an original song which captures the spirit of the book they are reading. With the book as a point of reference students explore theme, character, plot, and cause and effect while the song creates opportunity to explore rhythm, melody, harmony, tone and song form. Songwriting supports students comprehension of literature and will deepen their experience with the stories they read.
First through Sixth Grade.

If You’re Happy and You Know it, Sing-a-Long
Veteran music educator, Jason McInnes, leads preschool and kindergarten students and their parents and teachers, in an rousing musical hootenanny. Jason showcases his guitar, banjo and harmonica, to lead everyone through sing-a-longs, finger plays, and circle dances. With hand claps, finger snaps, shakers and rhythm sticks, Jason facilitates connection between children and parents, and families and music.
Pre-K through kindergarten

Guitar Together: Parent/Child Guitar class
You’re ready to start the family band of your dreams! Veteran music educator, Jason McInnes, shapes a unique classroom experience that supports learners of various ages and with developmental and musical experience. Both beginners and intermediate guitar players will find value as they explore melody, harmony and rhythm, using infectious folk songs that are simple to sing and play. Along with new guitar skills, families will develop language and communication techniques to build bridges between learning styles and experiences. Guitar pickers leave the class with a repertoire of songs to sing and play for friends and family, and a songbook to promote further exploration.
Ages 7 to 12 with an adult partner

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